Pressure Balance Element Polyamide RAL 9005 Metric

Pressure equalisation elements prevent the formation of condensation. Condensation forms rapidly in particularly airtight housings because humidity cannot escape. Sweating in housings occurs primarily in locations with changing temperatures. Temperature fluctuations in the interior of housings also lead to the formation of condensation. The more often it occurs, the more damage it does to the equipment. This may also result in short circuits, or equally in the complete failure of a device as a result of the loss of the insulation protection provided by the enclosure.
It is possible to achieve appropriate pressure equalisation with an easily fitted element equipped with a special, air-permeable, waterproof film membrane.
Our pressure equalisation elements (PEE) adjust the interior pressure of enclosed electronic and electrical components to the ambient pressure, and thus reduce the cost to you of complicated housings and expensive seals. Maintenance costs are also considerably minimised. The reliability and image of your product are correspondingly improved.
We supply pressure equalisation elements in both polyamide and stainless steel in order to solve the problem of condensation for both types of housing.

Polyamide 6
Sealing ring connection thread:
Ingress protection:
IP66, IP68 and IP69-K
Temperature range:
Average Air Flow:
16 l/h atd ∆P= 70mbar
Water Intrusion Pressure:
0,9 bar
Fastening torque:
0,5 - 1,0 Nm
Black RAL 9005