Cable Gland Brass IP68 AirVent Metric

  • Integrated anchorage
  • Protection against twisting
  • Easy-to-install
  • Protection for hermetically sealed electro-technical and electronic enclosures against condensation water from alternating temperature and pressure
  • Continuous ventilation and adaption of the inner pressure
  • The membrane has no function if it is blocked with dust and/or submerged in water.

**Sealing ring two-part design (outer part CR/NBR, inner part TPE TPS)

Brass nickel plated (CuZn39Pb3)
Lamellar insert:
Polyamide PA6 V-2
Sealing ring:
Polychloroprene-Nitrile rubber CR/NBR
Polytetrafluorethylene PTFE
Nitrile Rubber NBR
Ingress protection:
IP66 / IP68
Temperature range:
Average Air Flow:
1425ml/min at Δp = 0,07 bar
Water Intrusion Pressure:
>0,3 bar (for the membrane)