Cable Gland Blueglobe CLEAN Plus PA - HTS Metric

As a leader in this technology, Pflitsch is bringing the first hygiene cable gland in plastic to be certified in accordance with EHEDGE requirements onto the market. Therefore, the blueglobe Clean Plus in polyamide meets the stringent requirements with respect to hygiene compatibility and cleaning of machine and system components - completely in accordance with the hygienic design principles.

The cable gland is particularly suitable for use in the following industries:

  • The food and beverage industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical Engineering

The design of products used in these areas must prevent e.g. the adherence of dirt particles, which can create conditions favorable to the build up of colonies of bacteria. This assumes that the components used must have no cavities, gaps and open threads. The cleaning agents and liquids used must run off the surface cleanly.

  • smoothness and rounded edges of the surface in contact with the wrench
  • high protection types IP66, IP68 (up to 15 bar) and IP69K
  • the sealing inserts and rings are manufactured in high-quality, food-compatible plastics with FDA approval

The cable gland has passed extensive Ecolab tests using commonly available cleaning methods. The blueglobe CLEAN Plus made of polyamide is resistant to most cleaning agents and disinfectants used in the food industry, acids and alkalis as well as condensed water.

Sealing ring:
Ingress protection:
IP68 - 15 bar, IP69K
Temperature range: