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RUTAB AB is the marketing and sales company and Tapper Sealing Technology AB (TST) is the production and export company owned by Tapper Group. Both companies are situated on the same place, in the same facilities in Nässjö, in south central Sweden – one of the country’s major logistical centers.

Klikseal is a revolutionary two-component grommet with cable anchorage – something completely new to the market. Through innovation and advanced production technology, we have designed a product that has many of the advantages found in a cable gland. Apart from the cable anchorage, Klikseal is compact, self-adjusting to its surrounding wall thickness (patented), click-fixed in place (patented), has a membrane seal, is waterproof, requires very little effort to install with its collapsible outer membrane (patented), and saves up to 90% of your time. The installation of a Klikseal requires no tools and has a ”pushout” membrane that is a permanent seal until penetrated by a cable or pipe.

RUTASEAL is very simple to use and demands no tools, which in turn means lower work cost. It requires no screw¬driver or scissors to make the hole, which otherwise would endanger the IP Class seal. RUTASEAL is SEMKO tested for IP67 internally and externally. The chloroprene version is also DNV approved. RUTASEAL is produced in EPDM and Chloroprene in both PG and Metric. The seals are produced in black, light grey and grey. RUTASEAL has a very high finish and the automatic method of production guarantees the same even and high quality on all products.

The TSS is the latest addition to the TST product range. What makes the TSS different from existing products on the market are the built-in features that you normally do not find in this otherwise relatively simple product. TSS handles an exceptionelly large cable span. With the ”pushout” membrane you always have a round opening and are guaranteed to have IP67. The TSS is equipped with a sock that closes tight around the cable and allows for it to be moved around like a ”joy-stick” in the opening without endangering the IP-classification So it works extremely well with cables passing through at an angle. These are some of the features that creates a lot of value added in the TSS, and makes it a unique product.

DAF - Design-A-Flange - A new flange concept
With Design-A-Flange we are introducing a brand new flange concept, with an unparalleled level of protection and flexibility.

Design-A-Flange is a very versatile flange system with sealing inserts that can be changed depending on your needs. You are no longer forced to use fixed flanges with a certain number of predetermined openings.

You can now decide for yourself what size openings and how many you want in your flange. You are also free to choose what level of protection you want to have. You choose the inserts that suits your needs!



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