Rutab AB, or "Runbom and Tapper AB" as it was formerly known, was founded in 1987 by Ken Tapper and Bernt Runbom.

Rutab was originally a pure agency company, but has since 2000 developed further and become a distributor also with own unique, patented products.

Rutab’s primary activity at the beginning was, just like today, mainly electro-technical materials to wholesalers and the industry as the main clientele.

1987 1987 The company is founded and started operations on Bangårdsgatan in Nässjö. Main focus was switches, circuit breakers, screwdrivers and cable glands.
1992 Rutab AB acquires Rekab and take over the agency for i.e Schyller.
1997 Bonab Component AB is acquired with alarm indicator panels and pressure regulators. Bonab also produced rubber grommets in Thailand.
2000 Rutab ceases production in Thailand, developing and setting up their own production of rubber grommets in Nässjö. RUTASEAL® and RUTASEAL LIGHT® are launched.
2001 Rutab A/S is established in Norway, part owned with Dag Andreassen.
2004 Rutab moves to new premises in Nässjö. Offices, production and storage facility now under one ceiling.
2005 Rutab launches KLIKSEAL® both internationally on the Hannover fair and nationally on the Elfack Fair.
2007 Rutab is issuing new shares and brings in a partner, Nordstjernan, that owns 35% of the shares.Rutab now able to take a significant part of the market consolidation.
2009 Rutab acquires Treotham AB, a company based in Stockholm with a market leading position in flexible conduits in Sweden.
Direct sales and cooperation with partner commenced in Finland. Rutab’s organization, strategy and vision are developed. DAF® is launched.
2010 Rutab AB acquires 100% of Rutab A/S in Norway and launches a focused approach on how to reach a market leading position also in Norway.


Rutab AB (HQ Sweden)
Lerbacksgatan 2
SE-571 38 Nässjö

Tel: +46 (0) 380 55 50 50
Fax: +46 (0) 380 123 03
Rutab AB
P.O. Box 11024
SE-100 61 Stockholm

Malmgårdsvägen 63B
Fax: +46 (0) 8 557 730 05
Rutab AB
Florettgatan 12
SE-254 67 Helsingborg
Rutab AS (HQ Norway)
C/O Maxeta AS
Amtmand Aallsgate 89
NO-3716 Skien

Tel: +47 35595556
Fax: +47 21075559
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