Vision and Strategy


Our Vision
To be the obvious choice through humility and the power to act.

Our strategy
It is our belief that in an industry like ours one must be able to exhibit a raison d'être in the long term by being able to offer partners a competitive, unique and long-term cooperation.

Rutab made a strategic choice a number of years ago to not only conduct general distribution or agency operations. We chose to aim towards becoming the leading provider of cable glands and grommets on the Swedish market with the premier knowledge level, the broadest product range and unique proprietary products, which we are today. We have also taken a first step towards achieving our vision in Norway and Finland through our now wholly-owned subsidiary in Norway and our direct sales in Finland.

Our definition of "leading" is to be an obvious choice for customers and supplier.

Over time, we have developed our business model to become a leading supplier of products for applications where a cable is protected and carried through a hole. This is summarized in our motto “Rutab – The smarter way through” where “Through” of course also insinuates a cable brought “through” a hole, a situation where we simply wish to offer “smarter” solutions”. It also insinuates that Rutab will constantly offer customers ways of conducting smarter, more efficient operations and thus become a valuable long term partner.

By managing our business with a long-term focus around a core of product categories where we know we can be a leader and an innovator, we create a position as a valuable partner. Next step towards fulfilling our strategy was to acquire Treotham 2009, a company which since 1989 had created a position in Sweden as the leading flexible conduit supplier, mainly through superior market knowledge with a quality range without parallel in Sweden.

Our core range is supplemented with a wider range of electro-technical materials and components for automation technology in order to offer our customers more complete solutions. The product range is of course developed in collaboration with our two main customer groups, electrical wholesalers and industry, and with our key suppliers, each of which is a market leader in its respective product segment.

Our method of managing the market is characterized in that we create strong relationships with our partners, including customers, suppliers and the network we have through our owners. We implement this by exhibiting humility in that we listen, discuss and come to a joint conclusion on how we can achieve our common goals together. When clear objectives are set it is our desire to always exhibit a strong power to act and innovational cabability that often characterizes companies with ambitions. We act quickly, with a clear plan and with a high level of ambition that permeates the entire company.

To achieve our vision of becoming the obvious choice of partner, we must constantly focus how we work and make sure that we always offer smarter solutions that create value for all parties. It is our belief that through hard work we will over time become the obvious choice in our core range across the Nordics.

We are not yet finished with our work and envision a time of change where we must continue to fight to be the number 1 choice at all times.

Rutab – The smarter way through


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