LAN 330-2 Supervision panel


LAN 330-2 med programmerbart larmminne, larmföljdsvisning och extern kvittering. Summalarm A, B, C och summer. Förberedd för batteribackup.

Technical description
Supervision panel LAN 330-2 with 3 priority SUM-outputs and 12 inputs for indication.
For larger projects the LAN 330-2 can be extended up to 84 inputs (up to 7 LAN 330-2 connected), 1 LAN 330-2 programmed as MASTER and up to 6 LAN 330-2 programmed as SLAVES. Easy connection of additional slaves through flat cable-connector (ordered separately).
Active input signal activates the channel LED after selected delay time.
If alarm memory is set ON, the LED flashes until acknowledged, thereafter it remains lit until input is deactivated.
If alarm memory is set OFF, the LED stays lit until input is deactivated.
Alarm sequence shown in LAN 330-2-display for inputs selected to be in sequence supervision.
After selected delay SUM A/B/C is lit and the changeover relay switches and the acoustic alarm sounds (if selected ON).
LAN330 can be equipped with LAN300PR/330, relay-card unit.

Battery Backup
LAN 330-2 is equipped with charging unit for maintenance free lead-battery 12V/1,2Ah (lead batteries only). Battery is to be connected on 27(+) and 28(-), battery is kept fully charged as long as LAN330 is powered with 24VUC. Recommended battery unit for LAN 330-2 is LANBAT-12. Only one LAN 330-2 can be connected to each LANBAT-12.

Normal / Idle
Green DRIFT LED active indicating supply voltage.

Lamp test (LED)
When the TEST button is held depressed, all indicators are activated for inspection.

Inputs 12
Priority outputs 3
Inputs Alarm at closing or opening contact < 1000 Ohm to 0V or +24VDC
Indicators Red or yellow LED for input Indicators, Green LED active indicating supply voltage
Supply voltage 12 VDC or 24 V AC/DC
Power consumption Operation 60 mA, alarm 330 mA max. (Charging power for backup battery not incl.).
Delay A, B, C and inputs 1-99 sec, 1-90 min, 2-9 hours
Battery backup 13,7 V maintenance charging-current limited to max 260 mA. Battery capacity app. 12 hrs at 12 V 1,2 Ah. Larger batteries can be connected for longer battery time.
Priority / Sum output Changeover relay
Contact rating 1 A at 28 V AC/DC
Dimensions H = 128,4 mm, B = 141,9 mm
Hole fitting H = 115 mm, B = 135mm
Depth below panel 40 mm
DIN-standard 3HE x 28TE
Weight 0,30 kg
Tariff No. 8531103000
UNSPSC Code 39121106
Measurements & Variants
E-number Article no. Description Pcs/pack
6390216 LAN 330-2 Alarmpanel 12 inputs 1
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