Partner benefits

Choosing Rutab as a partner will enable you to gain access to a long term partner with whom you can develop a prosperous relationship across the Nordics as many others have done which has made Rutab one of the most appreciated companies in our industry.

Benefits for suppliers when choosing Rutab

Efficient and large sales organization:
Our sales force is well trained, large, extremely well connected in Swedish industry and among electrical whole sellers. The sales force is supported with state of the art IT-tools and a sales motivated organization and market department. All sales people at Rutab are chosen for their sales skills and expertise knowledge in our field of operations.

Excellent customer relationships:
We are proud to say that we are probably one of the most appreciated suppliers of the Swedish Whole sellers today and we are supplying all major whole sellers. One of our key success points is that our dedicated sales force actually visit installers and whole seller branches with a high frequency, thus driving sales effectively. We are also a major supplier for the general industry with a focus on machine builders and cabinet manufacturers. Our customer turnover rate is also among the lowest in the industry which shows that we are a long term partner appreciated by our customers.

An honest, humble and action oriented approach:
We develop a market approach together with our partners and we never promise to much. In our communication with partners we work after the device, “Under-promise and Over-deliver” and make sure that we do not let a product be part of our portfolio if we are not certain that we can become an obvious choice on the market.

A Nordic approach:
We strongly believe that local organizations are a must and that manufacturers wishing to manage the Nordic markets could benefit from having one partner and delivery point for access to all Nordic markets. Rutab is today present in Sweden, Norway and Finland (the latter via direct sales from Sweden as well as a local distribution partner) and can effectively manage all markets.

Well chosen product range and reputation of excellent quality:
Our range of electro-technical products and components for automation is carefully chosen and we make sure only to sell products where we will be the absolutely best alternative for both suppliers and customers. We are today the market leader within Cable glands, grommets and flexible conduits and focus on applications in which a cable is protected and brought through a whole. Around this core business we add products suitable for our expertise knowledge and our customers’ demands. We have the strength to say “no” when we cannot do a good job. Today our customers know us for offering only the best solutions and products, nothing less than that.

Our own products:
By offering our customers unique, patented products and solutions we can become a valuable partner that is given the opportunity to become a larger supplier and an even more important partner over time. This enables us and our suppliers to grow over the long term together with our customers.

Logistical partner:
With our central warehouse in the “logistical hub” of Sweden, Nässjö and local warehouse outside of Oslo in Norway we can ensure time efficient deliveries to all customers and easy managed deliveries from our suppliers to one delivery point for sales across the Nordics. Our customer today enjoys a delivery accuracy of close to 99% due to our well invested stock and focus on logistical efficiency as a mean of competitive advantage.

State of the art IT-platform:
With our Microsoft Navision setup, advanced CRM system and EDI solutions we are well prepared for any future requirements from our suppliers, customers and other partners. We handle thousands of transactions every day and provide EDI for some partners. Our IT provides you with up to date information and ensures that we are an excellent choice of partner. 

Financial strength and long term owners:
When choosing a partner one need to make sure that the partner has the muscles and endurance to stick to a task and focus for a long term success. We are not only a well-managed company, but also a well capitalized company with dedicated, long term owners that are willing to invest in future success. We are a family owned company and our minority owner, the Ax:son Johnsson family owned Nordstjernan, provides us with a vast network in Nordic industry. Our majority owner is Paul Tapper whose father founded the company in 1987.

Please ask our current partners how we keep them up to date regarding our markets and how we work. Please ask how their interface with us works and how willing we are to develop a common understanding of how to manage the market the best way possible.

If you are interested in discussing a potential future cooperation with us, do not hesitate in contacting us. Even if we are not a suitable partner we might be able to direct you to a company that might be right for you.

Rutab – The Obvious Choice in the Long Run

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